Mango Butter

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When we usually think of mangos, we think of tropical islands, crystal clear waters & a ripe juicy mango to enjoy. What we may not know is that mangos are extremley benefical for our skin.

Mango butter is a type of butter made from mango seed. It is similar to Cocoa Butter & Shea Butter and it perfectly light, moisturising without being greasy. 

Mango butter also contains great amounts of vitamins A & C, and as we know vitamin  C is amazing for healing and rejuevenating skin. The vitamins in our mango butter helps to boost your skins radiance, increase the skins youthful appearance and reducing fine lines. 

With added benzoin oil, which is known for its astrigent properties, which make it highly effective as a toner, the added oil also helps to reduces size and appearance of pores and prevent moisture loss. 

Mango Butter can also assist with soothing sunburn due to its damage repairing properties.


Ingredients: 100% Raw Mango Butter, Coconut Oil, Benzoin Oil.