Magnesium Oil

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Magnesium Oil is a vital mineral that can be difficult to get into our bodies using just food alone. Many people find using a magnesium oil to be extremley effective.

Magnesium deficiency is becoming more common due to our lifestyle that continously lower our magnesium, such as lack of sleep, stress and caffeine consumption.

Some of the many benefits that using a Magnesium Oil provides are:

-Increasing magnesium levels 

-Smoother skin

-Less muscle soreness & aches (perfect for post workout.)

-Fewer headaches and migraines

-Balances blood sugar, lowers risk of high blood pressure

-Eases stress levels & provides a more restful sleep.


DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Spray onto arms, legs, stomach or back daily (you are able to spray onto any desired area, avoiding the eyes, genital areas & mouth.) 

The first few times Magnesium Oil is used, it can tingle on the skin, which is normal. This should fade after a few applications; however if it continues and is something you do not like, you can dilute it more with purified water. 

After applying, you may leave it on the skin or wash off after 30-35 minutes, this is all down to preference. 


INGREDIENTS: Magnesium Flakes, Distilled Water & Lavender Oil. (100ML)